Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Thumbs Up for Singapore

Was chatting up a storm in a taxi ride just, about the "real" history of Singapore, which is actively quelled in SG, understandably so, with instead our current headlines scream "People Fight Over Hello Kitty Dolls" = making Singaporeans seem "shallow" in some quarters, and who can blame people's perception of us? LOL

Sometimes I wonder - regardless of the country's shared past ("unglorified or otherwise), without it being taught or known beyond our parent's generation - the sense of our collective self-worth has become so diminished now, it is small wonder why we/Singaporeans look outwards to foreign countries instead to celebrate their victories and value them/theirs, than to embrace and be proud of our own fellow countryman's triumphs.

And "we" only trumpet the triumphs of fellow Singaporeans, only after they have been lauded overseas first, isn't it? Recognized internationally, then worth mentioning locally. Only then will you be welcomed with open arms as "Singapore's Son / Daughter Made Good" … *facepalm*

Of course that's not always the case, as the notion of "heartlands" continues to rule internal triumphs and victories, at the very least, right? LOL

Kudos for fellow Singaporeans who get the accolades! But this is not about you

I am sure this happenstance is not isolated to only Singapore, such irony, right? Haha

In this day and age, it is not about pointing fingers at the past and people and actions, but for the ability to change accusatory fingers into a "thumbs up" instead to ourselves, that seem a far more unachievable effort, sadly so.

Thank goodness I don't let my own "worth" be determined by my own country, frankly speaking. The hustle and hardwork continues, not for "respect" from my fellow countrymen - because that seems a lost cause (besides the awesome folks who do, you know who you are!), at least for my time in this mortal coil - but for my own sense of self-worth, within my own current limited abilities.

It is not "self-arrogance" nor "bitter hatred of society" that fuels me, but the sadness of the situation, and what we can do, but to better ourselves otherwise? *air-punch*

Until the day we give a hearty Thumbs Up for Fellow Singaporeans and their achievements - regardless how earth-altering or personal-life-changing - Shine Bright, if not to light our own path to achievement, and one day, "greatness"!

A Personal Observation,