Sunday, September 27, 2015

How I Spent My 46th Birthday

We celebrated both my brother and my birthday earlier the week with a cake, so today Sunday, we had our boiled eggs with mee sua (normally we'd go for a grip of longans in our regular birthday tradition). And this is a sweet dish, hardly savory :)

Western and Eastern style of celebrations = Checked! haha

The rest of the day was spent watching anime and tv series online, instead of a planned trip to HMV to spoil myself with some prezzies (might do so tomorrow, but we'll see… Mum fell not too long ago, so I don't think I'll be venturing out too far, for now…).

And after a late afternoon nap (which was NOT a treat, but have become a necessity since surviving Stroke in 2010), it was time for The Heng Family Dinner at the neighborhood kopi tiam with banging crabs! I knew I'd wanted Chilli Crab, and boy was it yummy!

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#birthdaydinner #eatlife #neighborhoodlopitiam black Guinness pork ribs #TOYSREVIL46

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#birthdaydinner #eatlife #neighborhoodlopitiam #chillicrab FTW #TOYSREVIL46

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Times like these, I truly miss my late Dad, as he would've also enjoyed the food and family … but I am sure he's looking down on us, smilingly and sharing in the Heng Family Love :)

#birthdaydinner #eatlife #neighborhoodkopitiam #hengfamily #henglife #TOYSREVIL46

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Once a year I pig out and forgo my health issues (not wantonly fully, but ya know…) … and before I could burp, time to open the prezzies! Whomever says they "do not like presents" are simply lying to themselves LOL

Swell prezzie wrapping from my sis Cindy! Thanks!! #henglife #hengfamily #TOYSREVIL46

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The bittersweet irony of my eyes looking one-big-one-small (post-Stroke), just like my blog-logo mascot, does not escape me LOL

Another look at #birthdayprezzie wrapping by Cindy @blisstar #TOYSREVIL46

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#birthdayprezzie of a power bank and a wallet from my brother Benny - thaaaanks!!! #henglife #TOYSREVIL46

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The Wallet was a PERFECT gift from my brother! I very seldom buy stuff like these for myself (I cannot even remember how long I have been using the one I have now too LOL), like belts (I am wearing one which an ex-girlfriend gave me yeeeeeears back LOL), and even shoes (my sole adidas was bought as a gift from my sister yeeeeeears ago too). Heh.

#birthdayprezzie from my sister Cindy @blisstar thaaaanks! #NECA #Predator #DarkHorse #TOYSREVIL46

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Funnily, I had bumped into my sister at the exact same shop last week as we were both shopping for my brother, and she had picked up what she had wanted to get for me, and I approved! But I guess, "surprise" won out the day, and I loved what I had gotten! Thanks, Sis!

Even our cat Mao loves my #birthdayprezzie hahaha #TOYSREVIL46

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Time now is 11:43pm (as I type this but as yet been published), and I have yet to spend a single cent on anything, or even for myself! Not even earrings! HAHA

I reckon I'd binged enough on toys for myself during STGCC, and that box of goodies from Mark Nagata (@maxtoyco) came at a perfect time where I'll take it as a box of "birthday presents" (which includes an A/P Edition of the TOYSREVIL-Anniversary Boy Karma!), and I'll be content with what I have this year.

As a mortal creature of GREED, I'd always want for MORE - more toys, more stuff, more money, moreMoreMORE! But I am learning to be more appreciative of what I already have, and have been blessed to receive, rather than "hoping" for whatever else it is that I reckon I might not have "deserved" to own?

Coupled with virtual wishes from friends online and offline, turning 46 was not as uneventful as I'd imagined it would be … I don't long for adventure (good heavens, no!), but will always appreciate the sentiment and wishes. And there is always FAMILY :)

No "profund truths" to be discovered this year, nor to dispense forth ... because at a certain age in life, one might choose to carry on believing their own bulllshit, or one might choose to face reality and speak the truth ... I have chosen the later for some years now, but as for folks believing me in the first place? That is not up to me to decide, innit? :)

But yes, a blessed turning 46 turned out to be :)

… but until I turn 47 next year? THEN I can begin to stress about reaching the big FIVE-0! hahahahaha

Cheers :)

P/S: The number "46" seen below was made from a feature film with said number in it;s title - Do you know what that movie is? No prizes for correct guesses tho LOL :p

A Earring for a 46 Year Old?

A few days before my birthday on Sunday, I was out trawling for a birthday gift for my brother (we celebrate 3 days apart of each other), and wandered into a costume jewelry shop (no, not necessarily because of the attractive and enthusiastic sales lady … *cough*), but primarily of a notion of getting myself a earring.

The last time I wore an earring was over 5 years ago, before my Stroke. And here I felt I missed wearing an earring, and thought to get one again, a birthday gift for myself!

It's "time", I thought. Ever since dressing up for school and getting out into the world again, time to dress up for "battle" and social acceptance, innit?

Looking through the selection of shapes and sizes for sale, dangling from racks and turning displays, my memories rush back to that time in what seems to be a lifetime ago - when I glanced into the toilet mirror at the army camp I was attending R.T. at ("Regimental Training" - for folks like me who could not pass the yearly physical fitness test conducted by the Army).

The punched ear hole seemed infected, and there was slight puffing and pus, and all around discomfort. I was removing said earring as it was not allowed during training, wondering; "Why the heck so vain go punch ear hole?"

I had, on a whim, had my ear pierced at a local clinic, thinking it would be hella sanitary, since it was a "clinic", right? Fourteen bucks for a moment of vanity LOL

Not long later, the swelling and pus had gone, and my ear was thusly garbed in a variety of jewelry - from stainless steel squared ring, to a matte stud at one point, and subsequently to cheap(er) black rings (as most attachments inevitably get lost amongst my hoard of a life), until Stroke, where having sponge baths and lying in bed unable to move independently, an earring would not be the best accessory to be had, yeh? And nothing has since decorated my ear…

Turning 46 today, I realized I was grasping at a semblance of faux-vitality of thy foolish youth, as vain as I was, but not vain enough to work out to loose the spectacular belly I had amassed thru the years, and having a earring, does not change that, much less make me look totally wrong as a pot-belied earring and eye-patch wearing, bearded Chinese guy cosplaying as an "Oriental Pirate", innit?

Overwhelmed by such imagery and emotional-grief, I left the shop, and waved a "thank you" to the sales lady … thinking that, if ever I do get an earring now, it'll have to be a miniaturized version of my blog-logo … than at least, I'd have a valid reason "excuse" to wear one! LOL


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Heng Bros Birthday + Pre-Birthday Celebrations 2015

Birthday Brothers Heng #henglife #hengbirthdaybros

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Amidst the ridiculous haze blanketing Singapore, we celebrated my younger brother Benny's birthday today Sept 24th, along with a pre-birthday hoorah for myself (and his friend / which happens over the weekend). Ate at Taste of Thailand in Thomspon, followed by Hazelnut cake (from Prima Deli in White Sands Mall) and pineapple slices (from Melita, Johor Bahru) at home afters). It had been a good day :)

Instagrammed pics, because I usually attempt wannabe deeper entries in this blog (don't worry, I have one planned specially for my actual birth day :p), but now wanna try something different. I share my life openly online on my Instagram, so why shouldn't I do it here to? :p

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#GLORIOUSLEADER pointing at Taste of Thailand for birthday luncheon. #henglife #toylife

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My present for birthday brother Benny :) #henglife #hengbirthdaybros

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Hazelnut Birthday Cake FTW! Great choice, Cindy @blisstar ! :) #henglife #eatlife #hengbirthdaybros

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There is ALWAYS time for cake, thanks! #eatlife #henglife #hengbirthdaybros

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Nothing is ever for "free", much less the internet

The image above popped up in my Instagram feed today (screenbgrab shown) … Just a matter of time, I guess, as nothing is ever truly "free"... Not "always-will -be" anyways … How will we navigate out of / thru this? Do we need to? Or will we "get used to it", as we had "gotten used to using IG" in the first place? Or perhaps there will come a time when we (the consumers) PAY to not have these sponsored ads pop up in our feeds?

Nothing. Is. Ever. For. Free.

I "love" the notion of the internet - the seemingly naive notion that WE are in control of our own cyber-destinies, that WE make it work for us … perhaps we do, or perhaps we THINK we do …

There Is No Conspiracy here. We do not own the internet … not NOW anyways … not anymore.

ANd WHY would we want it to be "free"? Would "we" in turn manage the internets, so it can be free to all to use?