Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Struggle Is Real

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Every other Sunday, it is a struggle for me to either (A) leave the house to head to CSC, or (B) Stay homebound … most times it is a literal / physical "struggle" = Either no money to spend, or cannot stand the time duration of public transport (hah), and most recently the haze situation, keeps me nice and cabin-fevered ... BUT if Friend(s) say "let's meet up for kopi" and such, it always is a much better added bonus / "excuse" o leave the house haha ... Today I failed the struggle and lay in bed starring at my laptop, lazy skies outside the window ... the subsequent rain lulling me back to slumbered, which I had waken from earlier in the day at 7am, just because I woke up exited to go to China Square Central in the first place … The Struggle Is Real.