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Oct 17, 2016

Monday movie plans sorted! Now to hang about for two hours lol #henglife

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Getting some work done before the movie laters... #henglife #worklife

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Oct 14, 2016

Sheets about to go down and I am with #MiamiVice for #fridaynightmovie #henglife #filmlife

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Oct 13, 2016

This is going to hurt like a bitch later ... #henglife #dentalwoes #amugliernow

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Morning Memories of the Past (Oct 10, 2016)

Spent a Monday morning looking through an old cardboard box belonging to mum, which held an amazing stack of old black-n-white photographs of her self and her sister (our Aunt, who is currently staying with us temporarily), and of her own aunts and family, and marvelling at the record/archive of the past, in which I am particularly interested in…

I’d realise this (for some time now), that if given the opportunity and time, that I want o be able to archive all the past - not just for memories’ sake, but also as a reference to the bygone days of Singapore.

As a designer/art director for media, I’d adore these images as visual reference / research for period reenactments - for sets, props and wardrobe/hairstyle. Even the wedding invitation card of my mum’s own wedding, the envelope in which photos and negatives came it, and the photographs themselves from photo studios in the 50s with decorative-diecut edges - are reference!

Yes I know I have been out of the game for nearly a decade now, but the “job-sickness” remains til now … like I always say: ”Once Art Department, Always Art Department” hahahaha #truestorybro

If I’ve not had to worry about earning $$$ all the days, I’d happily tend to archiving the past, for without it, are we not but disposable consumers with a history, but for the receipts we keep (or throw away) of the new fangled thingies we buy, to replace the old ones being thrown away?


Inktober Day 9 - "Broken"

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Even before getting Stroke in 2010, I'd thought I was "broken". In the sense that as a grownassadult, I was still not the typical successful male Singaporean, with a stable job, with my own family Wife and kids, dressed in long pants (sometimes with tie, sometimes not) ... When instead I was "living large" working ungodly hours in the local media, ignoring m family and living selfishly like a kidult!

The "normality machine" broke down somewhen for my reality hahaha

THEN I had Stroke! And now I was "physically" broken too!

I mustered enough to get myself in my feet walking again, but has since slide into get fatter than I have ever been, AND end up wearing Crocs (which I used to HATE, but they cover my toes from knocking into stuff, so...), and I realise I am still wearing "film crew"-clothes like years before!

Still prefer Bermudas and tees (always black becoz I lie to myself it is "slimming"), and still feeling "not quite right" ... And no, it is not about "being special" - just don't want to become "special needs", ya know?

But LIFE still goes on, and I can still doodle a bit here and there .... Also one thing that's NOT broken, is my lack of drawing skills! Still sucks after all these years, dammit! Hahahaha

This is my #inktober2016 Day 9 prompt: "Broken" :) #henglife #hengdraw #toysrevilart #inktober

Inktober Day 8 - "Rock"

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Saying “Surviving my Stroke" in 2010 was "life-changing", would be an understatement in my life. And the rocks that anchored me from drifting into total darkness, was my immediate family. The love and care they showered on me was beyond reproach. And my main rock amongst the #hengfam, with my late Dad. He was with me every step of the way during my rehab.

Dad had been a retiree by then, and I was homebound, and we would spend near every single day with each other, talking, sharing, discovery new eating places while I was on my weekly acupuncture sessions, and decades of being a wayward Son - always working or with ex-gfs - is something I'd not experience in my adult life, and will forever treasure and cherish.

Until time came when I could walk without my walking cane, accompanied Dad to his chemo, and pushed pa's wheelchair to his subsequent radiology sessions... He had been my rock of ages, and I can only hope I was a small rock whom he could latch unto, as he slipped further away from us, until cancer took him forever.

This is my interpretation of #inktober prompt for Day 8: "Rock". Am feeling kinda beat up about myself for not having a stronger foundation or drawing skill to draw a much better portrait of Pa, but knowing him, he'd very kindly thank me for trying, and encourage me to go forward, as he had been, walking alongside me when I was using my walking cane.

#love #missyoudad #henglife #hengdraw #toysrevilart #inktober2016

Oct 8, 2016

Saturday porridge dinner #eatlife #henglife

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Inktober Day 7 - "LOST"

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Remembering the days where I was a decent heavy smoker, and where I'd grab a stool and go sit right outside of my office, before a open car park lot to light my cigarette, when I needed to solve or create a particular thing/inatance, and where I could literally get "lost" in my own thoughts, and amidst the haze, be able to clear my mindscape of the white noise, and CREATE/SOLVE.

Having stopped smoking cold turkey since waking up from my Stroke in 2010, I do not miss the habit of smoking, truth be told... But I do miss being able to escape the white noise, and "create"...

No, I don't think I need to smoke to "create" anything, nor will it solve my problems, but... This is my Day 7 #inktober2016 prompt "LOST" :)

#hengdraw #toysrevilart #inktober

Oct 7, 2016

Inktober October 6: Hidden

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#inktober Day 6, theme being "Hidden" ... which I interpret as "tears”.

For the earlier part of my adult life, I hardly shed any tears for anything much, remembering as far back as the late 80s for not being able to pass my 'O' levels, to the death of my beloved grand-aunt, thru "life" actually, or more likely they were "hidden tears", as I'd not shown them in public or private at any instance, having grown up to "suck it all up and move on" ...

Until the trauma of my Stroke in 2010 - which truthfully not much tears were shed too, but it opened up "something" within me ... And especially the last few years, with the passing of my Dad, even the dog and cat, I'd openly brawl at the slightest visual stimuli in movies, to shows, and yes even anime. No longer are they "hidden", I've become a sobbing mess! But you know what?

I am absolutely fine with it, because it shows that I can still "feel", and I no longer need to hide my tears, be they happy or sad sobs hahaha :)

#hengdraw #toysrevilart #inktober2016

Oct 6, 2016

Oct 5, 2016

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My #inktober2016 sketch for Day 5, with the prompt theme being "SAD".

"Sad" because, the fact was, when I was recovering in the hospital for Stroke back in 2010, I also had at the same time, dental problems! But due to me taking blood-thinner medication, I could not visit the Dentist.

And here I laid in hospital, with half my body paralysed AND a massive toothache, which eventually led to my teeth growing out of place, to my current state of mangled teeth that I not longer smile with an open mouth for pictures.

The big GAP in the drawing is for when I go take my middle bottom tooth out (This week perhaps)... Not only am I physically altered due to Stroke, now my teeth are failing me!

I have made do with my eye-patch and getting fat as a hog, but my teeth? Don't be expecting me to greet the world at large too often when I pull out that damn shaking tooth... "Sad", right?

#truestorybro #inktober #hengdraw #toysrevilart

Oct 4, 2016

Oct 3, 2016

Oct 2, 2016

Oct 1, 2016

(Full Inktober WIP HERE)

Sept 30, 2016

Keeping it simple for Friday lunching #eatlife #henglife

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Friday dinner is utterly amazing #henglife #eatlife

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Sept 29, 2016

Sept 27, 2016

It was a good day ... Well, I've still an hour left before it's "tomorrow" :) #henglife

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