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Staying In Nagoya Hill Hotel Batam, Indonesia

WHAT THIS IS: "We had a 2D1N free-and-easy trip to Batam, for both some much needed R&R and as well to celebrate my birthday in late-September 2016. This is an account of one of the adventures!"

Via the tour agency, we had booked a “Superior Twin Bed Room” and “Superior Queen Bed Room” at Nagoya Hill Hotel, with the specific request that it was situated next to a shopping mall, and in this case was the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.

“Superior Twin” is essentially two beds, while the “Superior Queen” is a single queen-sized bed sat in a similar sized room. Listed price on the website is IDR 1,000,000.00 (for 1 night stay). Price includes a Buffet Breakfast and the usual amenities, plus free Wifi - which worked spectacularly well for my mobile Instagramming and WhatsApp hahahaha

Or maybe it was a quitter Monday/Tuesday, the wifi-speed was incredible, versus the struggles I’s had in other hotels in Jakarta and Thailand in the past hahaha

The bedroom itself was pretty decently lush. We had asked for adjoining rooms, with two connecting doors on either side of the rooms.

Access to the rooms were via keycards, two to a room. Feels to be a straight 4-star stay, although I wouldn’t agree that this was a 3-star because of the size of their swimming pool ... I don't swim, so it's "4 Stars" for me! MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA :p

(Above: View of Twin-Room / Below" Adjoining Doors)

The plasma TV worked decent (I did not explore beyond the film channels tho :p), outside noise was non-existent, and the amenities seemed decent, but for the flickering wall-lamp on the side of my bed, and the stream of water leading from the closed door shower area to the floor drain beside the seated towel bowl, who path of course was where you’d rest your feet while ascending the porcelain throne :p

There was a spare change of toilet paper, and the water pressure was great - compared to the public toilets I’d visited in Batam, where the water stream was a busy trickle instead.I took more than 3 showers a day, so I’m good here :)

The weather in Batam is HOT, although "luckily" we travelled mostly within the confines of air conditioned malls this time *innocent-smile*


Morning #nagoyahillshotel #batamhenglife #henglife

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(Above: Room by Day / Below: Room by Night)

Evening #nagoyahillshotel #batamhenglife #henglife

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The view from the 10th floor outside the sole window was as dismal as expected - which consisted of the rooftop of Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, and a mid-construction building right next to it. No worries, I was not there for the view in the first place, so it was alright by me :p

Yes, the mall was THAT close!


The hotel itself seemed pretty quiet, and we had a very little & quick walk about, with the second floor on the street level directly leading to the shopping mall, literally a road across.

There are metal detectors at every entrance though, enforced by very friendly uniformed security personnel.

The 2nd floor itself hosted a health club - with exercise machines/equipment, and rooms for massage et al. Walking into and out the side, was the swimming pool area, next to a bar. It was a decent small pool, and frankly on the 2nd floor, did not offer up much of a view. Wish I’d seen it at night, with the bar opened and place lit up perhaps?

Clean and pleasant, without a hint of skankiness, featuring pretty polite and looked genuinely pleasant staff, and frankly very chill about things, with a chilled vibe to things, that makes it all an enjoyable stay, IMHO.

Without a doubt if ever I return to Batam, I would have no problems (not much, besides the “room service”) to stay again in Nagoya Hill Hotel!

“Nagoya Hill Hotel Batam” (www) @ Jl. Teuku Umar, Superblok Nagoya Hill Batam, Kepri, 29432, Indonesia. We were told by our guide that folks in Batam response better to names of buildings and places, versus actually addresses, especially taxis (which are not metered, so you’d need to confirm fares before proceeding). Tell them what “lorong” and you might both be stumped! But tell them the building, mall or hotel? Works better, we are told :)

Besides your usual comforts, I have a “thing” about hotel room service.

In every hotel I have stayed, I would order up room service - specifically for night time - dinners or suppers. Since my Stroke back in 2010, I’ve never trust functioned well in the night-time - more likely with crowds and the flashing lights, it is perhaps more a psychological thing, which still leaves me panicked and anxious! Only time I’d truly relax, is with my family, who knows what to do when I am in Stroke … But because of that fear of being alone at night, is that I still need to eat, and have dinner.

So in lieu of meeting up friends and folks in the country I am staying in, I order in dinner via room service (utterly “sad”, I know but have to embrace my lack for now…). And most times, room service food is yummy, albeit more expensive, compared to the eateries outside on the town, of course!

Ironically, with the lower exchange rate outside of Singapore (in some Asian countries), the price is comparable to restaurant here in SG, and in some cases, even air conditioned food courts in SG! So I can indulge without feeling “guilty” as much hahahaha

BUT, the room service prices here in Nagoya Hill Hotel, is pretty discouraging to even bother contemplating, for me. Although I’ve not tahbao / packed food back to the hotel room, so would not know if it would be doable otherwise hahaha

I wonder who this sign is meant for?.... Of course lah! Hahahaha #nagoyahillshotel #batamhenglife

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Sept 23, 2016

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Sept 21, 2016

Trick or Treeeeeat? #Halloween is coming, people! #toylife

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Sept 20, 2015

When your body continually fails you... #henglife

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Sept 19, 2016

#mumade Monday luncheon #henglife #eatlife

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Monday dinner makes a day of noodles for eats hahahaha #henglife #eatlife

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Sept 18, 2016

Indian rojak late Sunday lunching FTW 😁 #eatlife #henglife

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The rascals are out to play! #3rdflm #worklife

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Bye bye ITE Kofu - can't say I'll miss you hahahaha

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Thanks for having me #3rdFLM! Thanks for having me ITE! #worklife #henglife

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Thank you for everything Linus and Chee Nian! Have a superb holiday ahead! #henglife #worklife #exworllife

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Late tea break ... Not ready to go home yet... Feel task not completely done yet ... #henglife #eatlife

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Sept 15, 2016

"Back to school" Day! #worklife #henglife

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Sept 14, 2016

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#mummade "fancy" Tuesday lunch! Tots yummy and I'm not saying at becoz she's me mum! Hah! #henglife #eatlife

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A huge chunk of ice cream fell into the sink! #devastated #momentofsilenceforfallen #eatlife

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Sept 12, 2016

Mushroom soup and toast for brunch on a Monday, cloudy and cool out :) #henglife #eatlife

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Monday homemade satay noodle dinner #mummade #henglife #eatlife

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#mummade Tofu Miso Soup for Monday dinner, and the ultimate comfort soup #henglife #eatlife

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My fav episode of #kekkaisensen #bloodblockadebattlefront anime Ep6 #inototaku

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