Saturday, October 24, 2015

October 24th, 2015

Love you and miss you Pa. #rememberingdad #henglife #hengfam

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Me and mum at Dad's ... And the slimming power of black MUAHAHAHAHHA #henglife

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Lontong at Serangoon Garden Market #2ndbreakfast #notgettingslimmer #eatlife

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday October 17, 2015

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Spent a surprisingly enjoyable and (relatively) stress free Saturday afternoon doing up graphics and pseudo-image branding for most of my blogs ... I enjoy doing stuff like that, even tho I doubt folks would recognize it hahaha but I enjoy myself, so that is always a plus :)

Managed to churn out a few new images for a select few prime blogsites, and I take a certain sense of PRIDE in doing that. The notion of creating something, and building it up, is quite the welcomed challenge, indeed! If only I was "paid" to do that as a "job" hahaha

And after being entertained by folks like The Cure and Lloyd Cole & The Commotions, my tasks end and I spent a turbulent late afternoon sleep, dreaming of a group of ladies sneaking into my backyard swimming pool for a splash, while I instead chose to tinker with my laptop instead of joining them? Woke up confused by myself, I was hahahahahaha


#henglife #TOYSREVILBlogs #bloglife #iNotOtaku ... #geekout with me on :)

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Running Routines (Friday October 16 Edition)

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Ever since Stroke, I've oft try to keep to a "routine" - as simple as "Fridays are for Movies", "Saturdays for TV series" and "Sunday's are for Anime"… "Simple" times "Pleasures", ya know? Especially after a hard working week, of course ... the only other "routine" I have embraced, is eating my medications regularly.

The notion of "routine" was a very loose concept in my mind pre-Stroke, ever excited to see what surprises are around the corner - although I can hardly claim I was "Mr Spontaneity" (my ex's might attest to that :p), even tho Fridays or weekends were "movie nights" hahaha … come to think of it, maybe I have been trapped in routines all y life, I just chess not to acknowledge them?

Regardless, "friday movie nights" remain with me still, even up till now!

And with the demise of my DVD player on my lappie, means tons of DVD movies in my personal hoard get left on the shelf gathering haze-dust, while I trawl the internets for free flicks ... sometimes I am rewarded, and sometimes, well ... #watching #Minions tonight ... :)


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday October 15, 2015

Woke up way too early this Thursday, making a mistake of getting my brains'a'working by reading something (my mobile updates LOL) before heading back o bed after a whizz, hence spending an extraordinarily long time attempting to go back to sleep, instead waking up to take a picture of the above toys (in relation to my Inktober sketches posted the night before). Welcome to my world!

For the past couple of weeks the windows to the TOYSREVIL HQ (aka "my bedroom") has mostly been closed up, due to the haze ... But today the skies look slightly better, and I am tired of breathing stale air (times like this I wish I had air conditioning) and am probably experiencing a bit of cabin fever ... so the plan was simple: Head out for lunch, pay (mobile phone) bills, and buy stationary (tired of pens drying out…).

Mission completed without incident. Downed a Samurai burger at McDees (couldn't resist teriyaki sauce *pats-belly*) and scored me some stationary at the neighborhood book/photostat/toys shop, and I found myself as "excited" as I would be buying "toys" too … seems I have to find a way to balance my passion for both collecting toys and sketchery now, with whatever gives me the most "joy" taking precedence, of course.

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Ended the day with a pensive notion, of desiring to blog more than I do now on my daily venues, a strong need to "archive" the past, my past, a past I still choose to live in … perhaps trying to grasp at the sense of all that has happened? Or finding out what led to the "now", especially with my life-plans being "disrupted" by Stroke, a "future" that does not look as clear as it might have had before Stroke? I cannot remember, maybe that's why I am still searching…? The irony being, I am surrounded by my "past", with most things pre-Stroke, as I struggle to "buy more" of the now, to push me to the future?

Too many "questions" need answering, no doubt … and I would rather go forward with what I have passion doing, to find a future I would enjoy and embrace, rather than look for answers from a past that should remain a memory, but for a constant ghost that haunts my mind… But then again, I do enjoy blogging and recollecting about my past too, I admit hahahaha


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wednesday October 13th, 2015

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This lump below my wrist is just one of the many rashes that has appeared on my body, limbs, neck, scalp and face, for the past few weeks, resulting from allergic reactions to the Haze (according to the doctor).

The rashes appear randomly and lasts thought the day, then subsides, with the next day rashes appearing at different spots. All itchy, all irritating the frak out of me. I'll wake up in the morning to find dry scabs from my obvious scratching in my sleep from the night before. And me on "Asprin" (blood-thinner) medication (on account of my post-Stroke requirement), worries me I'd bleed out while asleep (yes, it has happened before, waking up in mini-pools of wet blood).

Trying my best to not head out of the house tho ... But mail runs are horribly delayed, and I am not meeting folks and am literally confined indoors, I am slowly going insane perhaps … The medicine is not working all too well, it seems... All is not well, alas... Mail run later today tho :(

Yes, I am whining and bitching, because that is all I can do now. *scratch-scratch*

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So I went into the shop planning to get that Evangelion PVC statue I'd seen and wanted planned to get when my salary came in ... Then I hesitated thinking it'll be an expenditure I dare not risk this month ... So instead I took these two ReAction figures instead ... And realizing later both of them cost as much as that single EVA figure! The kicker is: I am still thinking about that EVA!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH I so suck at toy-math!

Essentially, when it comes to "toys", all manner of mathematical logic goes out the train window and flies downwind post-haste, as the carriage continues to chug forth...

Sadly, I realized back at home later (as I attempted to remove the "sale" tag and taking this picture) that the blister card had already been tampered with, so opening them is inevitable - so much for M.O.C.! ... *cue-T2-heavy-drum-beats* ... Welcome to my #toylife, people! *continues-T2-drum-beats*

AND of course the "sale" tag is harder to remove than I had imagined … *T2-heavy-drum-beats-echo-into-distnt-silence*

Yes, most times my bed doubles up as a storage platform. #henglife

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

change Change CHANGE

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Woke up on a silent Sunday late-morning to the results of the designer toy awards online - congratulations to all the winners - and am having an egg, a toast and a cuppa, while mum practices her painting with inks ... Guess you can say I am starting a Sunday morning with a "new perspective". I am one of those old fogeys who have come to realize that I don't like "change"... But change is brought about by either circumstance you cannot control, or within you that you yourselves have no choice but to take control … regardless of either, change is inevitable, and I have to learn to embrace it. Be it one egg instead of two, or even one slice instead of two hahaha - "change" is good for the soul to survive, to last a longer time, perhaps?

Time for a CHANGE.
Andy #henglife

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Of Dance Emblazon & My Re-Awakening

Haven't seen the school at night, actually ... #henglife #DanceEmblazon

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#DanceEmblazon #restrictedviewseatsuck hahaha

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I cannot remember exactly when was the last time I attended a night time event or stage show, before my Stroke in 2010 ... Possibly a #SwingOutSister beachside concert circa 2009? Decided to test my resolve tonight and utterly enjoyed the experience, even if it threw me an emotional curve-ball... Oh how much I missed stage performances and concerts, ... and since Stroke, I had avoided the masses, finding it hard to cope at night-times, with the crowd, my limited vision, my own state of mind (I admit) ... But tonight, tonight made me remember what I have missed. Kudos to my sister Cindy who jio me hahaha ... And kudos to all the dancers in #DanceEmblazon for rocking my world :)

I don't know if this means "more" night-time based events will be in my immediate future, but at the very least it is one step towards full self-independence again … and I am alright with that :)

Andy #henglife

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Friday, October 9, 2015

The Faux Comfort of Meds

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The overwhelming comfort of having a fully stocked medical supply, is discomforting.

And while I have come to acknowledge the feeling of "safe comfort" of pills since my Stroke in 2010, I have never fully embraced it. My time-life revolves around these pills. My eating schedules and hence leaving the house and meeting people revolves around my meds-intake times.

My phone line can be cut if bills are not paid... The internet might decide to dislike me and lag perpetually ... And still, life might go on ... But once my supply runs dry? The feeling of discomfort and fear, is very real ... And I abhor that.

But reality is reality, and whatever dreams I may and still have, I am still a bitch to my meds. The pity-wagon may have already left the station a long time ago, but really, I find myself still standing at the platform, waiting to board the train that takes me for a go around and back to the station every time hahahaha

It is easy to go "FML", but I don't, I still have to "live" it, however the way I can.

#GLORIOUSLEADER asks "Are these candy?" - I wish :p.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday October 8, 2015

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#throwbackthursday I can't remember exactly how old this is ... Possibly mid-2000s when I was still knee deep in the media industry, at that point freelancing full time maybe? I was still using yahoo-mail and Multiply too!

Keeping costs down I'd self-print name cards, and have been for many years prior (I actually have different sheets thru the years all over the place, maybe I should collect them in one spot haha) ... The need to "keep costs down" has stayed with me thru the years actually, and I've often imagined if I had the courage to do otherwise, and just "go for it" instead, you know? But sometimes "practicality" and "reality" keeps one's dreams at bay ... I used to think I was a "reamer" too, but seems it might have all been in my mind only ...?

These days pending a bust printer at home, I get my name cards printed commercially instead haha

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I normally would not wish ill upon anybody else's businesses or work, but the persistent itchy rashes on my body i have been experiencing for the past few weeks; in allegic reaction to the haze situation in Singapore (I have medical proof), demands APP to set things right! Not cool ... not cool at all! :( #HazeAPP

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Having a really late breakfast becoz i was geeking over toys seen at Taipei Toy Festival 2015 ... Every year it's the same ... Every year I tell myself, "Chill. Just blog about the toys you cannot afford, don't get too excited over the toys you cannot get!" ... And every year I fail, and get wholly distracted, pouring over images found online, whatever convention / event it may be ... Every. Single. Year.

And I never get any friends or folks to mule for me, sadly because I never have a steadfast grasp on my financial status, truth be told, as I would never know when I had the financial ability or not, and I don't want to put anyone out because of my possible lack of ability ...

So I scour the www, touch the laptop screens at images o yummy toys, and shed silent mantears, and maybe once in a while make an open plea into cyberspace and see if anyone'll do me a favour ...

Now, THIS is a tragic #toylife to lead, man! Maybe one day I'll wake the hell up and stop all this nonsense.

And even then I cannot really choose what spread I put on my bread slices as I have diabetes! Maaaan I miss Nutella hahahahahaha ... aah, we live with what we have, and be damned thankful, yah? LOL