Monday, March 27, 2017

March 27.2017

Been a while since I had ice cream haha #henglife #greenapple flavour from McDees #eatlife

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I lie. I had a drain ice lolly yesterday, thanks to mum :)

R.I.P. Lappie

Cannot not work, even on a Sunday ... Alas the laptop essentially died after this snap :( #henglife #bloglife

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Since purchasing the desktop less than a year ago, I've very seldom booted up the laptop - which has since lost ,lost sensitivity in the keyboard years ago - but needed to this Sunday, as I'd hoped to cook up some blog logos for my impending blog-layout changes, using the new design templates provided for my Blogger ... and immediately as the screen re-appeared, everything flickered black.

Nothing I could push or click to restart it. Even tried to attach a power cable to it (least it's the drained batteries' fault) .. but alas, the lap pie has gone comatose.

Friday, March 17, 2017

March 17.2017


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There are only 2 sets of numbers I am only concerned wth these days: (1) my Blog hits - as it correlates directly with my sole source of income currently, and (2) my Blood Sugar level. Both of whom ensures my continued survival.

Long story short, the minimum I need to earn monthly to pay for my medication is not enough at all, much less to sustain a continued existence. And if medically I improve, there is a chance I can cut back on medication costs, so I can breathe financially.

"Poverty" is a harsh reality, but it is not something that needs to be bragged on about, but not talking about it does not mean it goes away. But I'll be happily healthy and strapped.

Of course I like MONEY, but money ain't my Friend... But sure as heck I wanna be buddies with "health"! That's why I don’t check with my bank account, becoz there's nothing to check! Hahahaha

Friday, March 10, 2017

March 10.2017

March 8.2017

Wednesday late breakfast #henglife #eatlife

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Spent the morning of March 8th - International Woman’s Day - having a calm unplanned breakfast at the newly opened Ko-Fu in Loyang Point, where we chatted without the need to rush for dong something else or going somewhere, which was a very freeing feeling, truth be told … although I did have my post-breakfast medication late, and started blogging later than my usual day LOL

Am I too late for #sushicars4thewin ? :p #sushicars by #tokidoki #toylife

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March 7.2017

Thoroughly enjoying #TipsyTalk :)

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I Miss My MTV