Friday, December 29, 2017

See Doctor Dec 15.2017

No parking coupon needed. I appreciate simple things like this, and they really do alleviate whatever anxieties one might have in a wheelchair, for not just feeling we had “inconvenienced” folks pushing us, but also people around us, IMHO. And while I no longer use a wheelchair to travel around (that was only during a period of 2-4? months back in 2010-2011 for Stroke recovery), the experience lingers still even til today. I have way too many hang ups and the constant shadow of Stroke hovers over me to be able to function in society “normally” as average folks do, I can readily admit, alas :/ As far as I am concerned, some days I still feel as if I am sitting helpless in that wheelchair from years ago, while the world whizzes by me. #henglifesg

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I remember having a “heated discussion” with someone (more likely a friend) about “Stroke”, when I had recalled my experience with falling the first instance and not recognising it WAS “Stroke”, but in return I was queried “you must have known it was Stroke, right?” And insisted I should have, which I totally disagreed. It is only the past few years Stroke awareness had been a stronger focus in Singapore, but even if it had been earlier, knowledge would be gleaned if you had been (1) sitting in a clinic / hospital waiting area and actually looked at and heard video presentations (such as this video), or (2) sat in a neighbourhood family clinic and bothered to look at posters on the walls. Should “Stroke education” reach more people? Without a doubt, YES. Should folks who fall for Stroke know in the first instance when they are having Stroke? Would be ideal, yes. It did not sit well with me to be accused of not knowing what Stroke was when I first fell victim to it. #henglifesg

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Effin struggle to navigate today without an eye-patch so far this morning @&//$xx£€¥#### how to “improve” my vision-situation as I have my blood-sugar? “Be online less” is something I had felt was needed all the years since surviving Stroke in 2010, but had always struggled with doing, as if felt I needed to keep the blog going to earn that $$$ needed to afford medication and perhaps even a #toylife! But in reality, I’ve no paid ads to fall back on (not for the last couple of years), with only Adsense to help partially pay for my monthly medication... so really, keeping a blog(s) is not helping me survive much beyond the day-to-day :( The #TOYSREVIL blog will be reaching its 13th year in February 2018, so we’ll see how that goes. #henglifesg

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

#henglifesg in Black & White (2017)

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9 pictures representing different aspects, hopes and fears of my life right now, seen in black & white, and a myriad of shades in grey in-between, that to me is the “colours” that make life more interesting/exciting/sad/fearful/bittersweet ... THIS is my #henglifesg. You can see these images individually via hashtag #henglifesgbw, thank you :)

This grid was borne from a “challenge” to produce 7 pics in 7 days, while challenging folks to do the same. I’ve been seeing these on Facebook for sometime before I had been challenged by my sister. Thanks to those who chose to play along with the challenge posed tho!

Also shows quite a number of folks on my list who didn’t care for it haha.

#henglifesgbw pic#9 - “Funny” meh? #henglifesg

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damn that techlife...

Winter Solstice 2017