Sunday, April 29, 2018

Eats of Bygone Years

I might not be wholly "accurate-to-the-year" here, but it feels as if this is the first time I've stepped into and dined at a "Kenny Rogers" restaurant in a decade (or more). Although one bit of the "steamed vegetables" really "brought me back" to the taste bak in the day (but not in a great way LOL).

As I dined and enjoyed my Sunday lunch, I could not help but think of and miss restaurants that no longer exist in Singapore's general/current landscape - like "Ponderosa" (The place to bring dates to, to impress them), or "Dennys" (The place for kakis and/or dates to go to after a late night show or party at the local disco) ... And "Kenny Rogers" was a place for friends to go and treat ourselves to a "western styled" meal (but not necessarily for "dates" :p).

Names like "Sizzler" remained in memories, but perhaps not in my subsequent lifestyle, when we dined at pseudo-Italian restaurants who served breads dipped in olive oil, and the affordability of the working/dating class since updated to hotel "international buffets"! Quite a vast change since my pre-'O' Levels results kitchen job at "Milano's Pizza" in the mid=late-80s!

Funnily, I asked myself; "What Survives Constant Changes?", and the only thing popped into my mind was; "KETCHUP" (*Not "muffin"). Heh.