Saturday, January 7, 2017

Mum's Birthday

Earlier in the week we celebrated mum's birthday, first with a feasting at home, then on the actual day itself, I brought mum for lunch and a movie, watched Jackie Chan's RAILROAD TIGERS, with mum answering her phone in the darkened cinema, having an entire conversation (in hushed tones), was an experience by itself! Alas the day did not end as warmly as expected, not for the lack of trying, I guess ... neither fault in any of us at home, including mum ... but perhaps in the effort to enjoy "life", we need to somehow embrace what has been dealt us, IMHO.

Monday dinner feasting celebrating mum's birthday in advance! #hengfam #henglife

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Not having had drunk beer much since my Stroke, a few gulps sure are a heady adventure! #henglife #mahbok

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Birthday lunch with mum! The deep fried beef was an interesting revelation haha #eatlife #henglife

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Wefie with mum in the cinema watching Jackie Chan's Railroad Tigers :)

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Prata Saturday

Started at the end of 2016, and will now be a staple of my life-habits in 2017, is #PrataSaturday - where, as the name suggests, I'll have prata for breakfast every (other) Saturday morning... not because I LOVE prata THAT much, but primarily as a way to get me off my ass and out into the world, besides going outdoors for my exercise/walks.

The walks are a solitary activity. And while I embrace my need to remain alone to the world, I too cannot survive just on myself as well, so a decent slice of being able to be apart of the general public, and not yet need to connect with, works fine for me (although I have been trying to say "Good Morning" to the table cleaner auntie for some time now, and she always snubs me, sadly ... *shrugs*

Nevertheless, there'll still be next week with *Kopi-Si Kosong! (*Coffee with condense milk, no sugar)