Monday, January 25, 2016

I Like Writing

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I like writing. I enjoy the freedom to craft whatever little vocabulary I may possess, into sentences … with sometimes deluding myself of my possibly-non-existent wordsmithing skills, to come up with something readable on a dull day. Like the freedom to draw and design whatever I want, even if before it was at the service of clients and paymasters, the ability to "create" is such a freeing thing, as much as it shackles a person's soul … but I like writing.

I have not always though, especially in teen years, with reasons since faded and replaced by the joy of writing … and some days, people respond with a thumbs-up or a smile, which I am fine with, as it is better than writing in a vacuum, isn't it?

But "writing" is getting pretty hazardous to my physical health, and the daily struggle with my eye-sight, is dragging me down into an abyss of anguish and regret - some days I revel in it, while some days I'd rather not … be nice to get paid for the effort though! But I know I'm being greedy and needy, and I should be thankful I have a thumbs-up or smile emoji, at all.

Been writing for ten years on the blog, for better or for worse, good or bad, I like writing. I still do ... but I don't ever call myself a "writer", just an "enthusiastic blogger" ... Pretty decent for an 'O' Level student, I comfort myself :)

Thank you for reading.

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