Monday, June 12, 2017

Joy Juice Of Life

The last time I took a snap of the “old stool” Kickapoo-can was back in February 2016! I am sure I’d drunk the joy juice even after that since today, right? :p

Scouring thru my IG-stream, I couldn’t help but see and remember tons of happenings that I might have forgotten since a year ago, some moreso than I had imagined, actually. filled with plenty of memories good and not so good, and a heap dose of “regrets” that I would let plague my since, even if my “mouth” says otherwise…

“Life” move forwards, with or without you, in tow, or in the driver’s seat … maybe your “life” is a can of Kickapoo, where the “design” was never yours to decide, except for the opportunity to taste it’s “joy”… ? :)

As always, down with the joy-juice ... "Soda", of course :) *smiles-innocently* #takingabreak

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