Monday, August 28, 2017

August 28.2017

I slant to my right. Since falling to Stroke in 2010, I've always somewhat "slanted" to my right of my body, having y head first drooped toward my right shoulder when my stroke kicked in, and lips twisted to the right too (thank goodness it got better pretty quick and I can talk non-stop since lol). But post-Stroke, even if I am walking now, I have a tendency to veer slightly right every so often I catch myself, and straighten myself (which is kinda funny as eventually I'll be walking in a huge circle :p) ... Which often leads me to fear if I fall, I'll fall to the right of me ... What always happens is if when I sit, I'd eventually lean towards my right, until I (constantly) catch myself (ala this IG snap) and straighten again. Wish this was a "relak one corner"-pose instead tho LOL #henglifesg #strokelife #stroke41

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Time to see whether I've been effective for the past 3 months -.-" #henglifesg #worklife #teachlife

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One more sleep til the last day... I'll miss you K608, but damn your daylight is harsh lol

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