Wednesday, September 13, 2017

September 11.2017

I had mentioned these drawings to my students early last week, and had been searching for them since - a reminder of the time after Stroke (probably a month after waking up? Early November 2010?) while still in the hospital, when a (pretty) psychologist asked me to draw something with my master hand (right hand) that had temporary lost the ability to move not long before (due to Stroke) ... and as I struggled to draw the lines, I had then experienced and remembered a "dream" I had to draw comicbooks, ever since teen hood, but had probably forgotten as I grew up and earned $$ from other works not necessarily from my first passion ... and would have been totally lost to me if my paralysis was permanent ... to say "Stroke" was "life-changing" would have been an understatement, as it had also helped me acknowledge and remember what used to be important to me :) And while I can hardly say I was a good artist or had "potential" then, much less NOW, but being able to draw anything, has been both liberating and a new found challenge since :) #henglifesg #hengdraw #strokelife

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