Sunday, February 11, 2018


And while I've had zero issues with the "art" aspect of media - having worked a large chunk of my adult professional life in designing for tv and art direction/production design for featured films (in my "previous life"), I've been sorely lacking in the technical aspects, ie: cinematography, lighting, sound, and specifically "editing".

And while I know what I want and when I want it - pointing them out to my editors that Ive sat beside, no doubt being the irritant editors abhor (:p), but having to achieve it, by myself, is another thing altogether. My earliest tries have been on iMovie in the G3 era, and frankly have had tons of fun then! But the current iMovie is always a challenge - A happy challenge, I have to say! But a challenge and struggle nevertheless ...

Editing a toy slideshow video on a Sunday morning is not exactly something I'd like to do, but is something I want to do, to somehow improve and better myself in doing. Whatever I know now, is gleaned from looking at how my various editors worked (on tv), and predominately self-taught, which truthfully is not a whole lot (no doubt peeps edit the way they want to without me hovering over their shoulders lol) ... but better scraps than "none" at all, I always say. Without a firm foundation and knowledge, might as well be editing blind+deaf, innit?

I've always placed emphasis on editing to the beat, the rhythm, the pace of the visuals, the story et al ... but when editing by myself? It is currently a mess, a "happy accidental mess", I admit LOL

I've always envied my (former) students - from LaSalle to ITE - where they get to learn and experience the full spectrum of the craft - including cinematography, sound, editing etc ... but in truth, I am not longer as "stressed" about my lack, as I am no longer plying my trade in the industry, and do not forsee "branching out" into any other trade within the industry too .... just that I am editing my own youtube videos now, and I'd really like to do a much better job of it LOL

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