Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Popped Tiles, Dislodged Living Conditions (Part 2)

Beyond the hallway path, today I decided to "do up" the entrance area, doing away with the "dislodged tiles", and alas finding the damage way more pervasive that initially thought (having a lot of stuff stacked up around the area did conceal the cracks, alas).

This time I had used magazines to lay, instead of rolled/folded-up newspapers before, and the result is much more stable and palatable, and provides a much more "even" spread. And thank goodness for the large screen TV carton box I "saved" from my flat's rubbish bin area (as I lugged it into the lift lol), for a much "cleaner" carton box surface (instead of printed text and logos etc). I've also saved a big patch for the hallway corridor, sorting it out before Chinese New Year Eve Reunion Dinner - happening in a couple of days time too! Cutting it close, I know, but I'd rather have less footprints on it lah .... even though this is a temporary patch-up, I'd still want it to look nice-nice lor :p

Might have to work on my bedroom doorway after the new year period ... I can't even close my bedroom door because the popped tiles are right in the middle of its path! Which essentially means I cannot close my door to record audio for my youtube videos, without the sound of Pasir Ris in the background lol

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