Sunday, March 25, 2018

World Outside My Window 2018

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Sudden Sunday rain at 10:15am on 25.3.2018 with light drizzle and breeze, the morning after a late night movie, feeling under-rested and moody like a "little boy" ... or as old and grumpy as a (very) near-middle-aged man can be lah knn ~ hahahaha! :0

I’ve always been somewhat fascinated in taking snaps out of my house window - be it from my bedroom(s) or living room - in a way sharing a very limited view of the world outside of my own chosen solace, especially since I live on a second floor - which I have since come to really appreciate, as there is a sense of relevance to the ground, especially after Stroke.

In fact, I have been taking snaps outside my window ("World Outside My Window"), since even before my TOYSREVIL-blog days (even before 2005), and had been posting in my now defunct Multiply account! Without a doubt, my sense of solitaire begun more likely (slightly) over a decade ago...

Funnily I've never since accepted that I could not really "capture" the image of rain or raindrops in camera - not that I have been using any fancy super-zoom-lens SLRs or DSLRs, besides my digital snap-camera or my phone camera, of course :p

Having constantly walked on clouds since teen hood, I find myself staring on the ground in front of me whenever I walk these days, ever looking out for uneven surfaces and ever conscious of falling down, a mental barrier I have not been able to overcome for the past semi-odd 8 years since Stroke.

The "fear of falling down" cripples and governs my enjoyment of travelling and seekingdiscovering new worlds and possibilities, which is a total change from the wanderlust I’ve regretted suppressing for most of my adult-life, actually :p

Where once it was "fun" and "magical", I avoid travelling out on "rainy-days" these days, for fear of slipping and falling, unfortunately. One can argue "non-slip shoes soles" and umbrella-protection and the like, and I believe them too, but try telling my muddled-mind that LOL

Not THAT "drama" lah, don't worry LOL

Sob-story aside (#reallynotareally), the only time I get to look UP these days, is looking out the window at the leaves and trees outside my windows, as I stay immobile and sat sloppily on my chair. Oh but what a peaceful view tho... :)

Cheers and have a peaceful Sunday,


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