Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17.2017

Had an intriguing dream last night, where I was yet again walking thru the myriad collection of ceiling-piled high props and cabinets which reminded of the days in TCS (one of my constant consistent dream scenarios), and of being "interviewed" by "someone" (no idea who she was) about me "designing an producing" and how I continue to do so, implying somehow doing both things might not be ideal... And as I'd ask her what I should choose (I think I physically mouthed the words in my waking-sleep), I woke up this Monday morning with "you must decide yourself" echoing at the back of my waking mind... I have been asking myself, and telling myself "I want to move forward, and not backwards" for sometime now, and this decision weighs heavily on my mind, whether I like it or not. This drawing is of a TV breakfast talk show I designed and was made over 2 decades ago. All things considered I'd rather "be proud" of what I've achieved, than "lament missing designing" them, perhaps? :) #henglifesg #designlife

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Nearly 7 years on, it is still a struggle to get out and about so close to night time. #henglifesg

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