Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31.2017

Mixed mini buns = a perfect way to start off a new week! "Small servings of many tastes" is a notion that carries on in many aspects of my life, that arguably appeals to the "hoarder" in me :) Remembering the past when fellow collectors claim I do not focus on the big purchases, when instead I grab many piecemeal items - which essentially is not "wrong" of their assumption, because I DO want multiple items! I am greedy (especially with toys LOL) and want to have many! I I were financially able to, I'd be grabbing larger and more expensive toys too ahahaha These days my enjoyment of life (commercially) is very much financially-led ... how much I buy, IF I buy, how much I eat... But "life" goes on, and we "celebrate" the delights and victories, however small or little it might mean to someone else :) #henglifesg #eatlife

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