Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wading Thru The Waters of Time

The "highlight" of my trip to Jakarta the past weekend, was of an incident not too soon forgotten, and I have no pictures to prove it!

The day was Sunday night. There was pouring rain, and I was in the Star Wars Day Jakarta venue at Balai Kartini, literally a stone's throw away from my hotel Puri Dempasar - so close, that even in my diminished physical ability, I could still walk to and access! Back to the rain … which had since stopped, about 10-ish minutes to 9pm.

Now, I was to speed it back to my hotel room, for which my receipts were kept, for which I was to inform Yudi, for which to claim cash. And of course he was scheduled to board a bus heading back to Bandung by 9:30pm. I could hop back to my room within 10mins tops, so no problem!

But of course there had to be a mini flood between Balai and Puri, caused by the downpour prior!

I estimate the height of the water to be about one feet deep. And there was still traffic at the road turning where the flood was. Not a whole lot of lights, save for the car-headlights and some spill from the hotel.

Standing at the edge of the water, I was flabbergasted as to what to do. I am not all-Mr.Agile to skip and hop thru the water, and I had a plush in one hand and my bag filled with tees, in the other.

I zoned out for minutes, until I realized the water is not gonna subside anytime soon, and I had no choice but to somehow wade thru the water to reach "the other side"…

Took off my socks and shoes in one hand, while I tucked the plush under my shirt (which I thought was hilarious then) and step-by-agonizing-step, i waded thru the water (or "ponding", as Singapore has come to call it) … the fear was heightened as the road was darkened, and I did not want to drop into a gap or sumach nonsense, so each step was made with concern. So slow was I, that the uncles behind me and before surely would have thought I was a wussy!

My walking these days has not been the most agile, let me put it this way. Most times I shuffle, although when I catch myself doing that, I try to take note of my steps and walking stance … but in near-darkness and in water? Hell it was memorable alright.

But I made the dry land beyond, a mere 8 meters away, and lived to tell the tale. I could come up with a veiled metaphor for how that act impacted my life, but hell, I was just relieved I made it, and I was as proud of myself for making the trip hahaha

Made it back to the hotel room, and managed to SMS the info back to Yudi well before 930… which of course he did not receive until i received a message from him an hour later! *facepalm*

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