Sunday, December 25, 2016


Over the years, I’ve oft taken the time and effort to “look back” at the year, and what has transpired - most times in an effort to produce blog-posts / readable articles of my work and life, as it were … but this year, perhaps I’d do well to MOVE FORWARD instead of spending too much time BACK.

Simple reality = I don’t even know if anyone reads my reminiscing, and as much as my daily blog hits has been the highest it has been for the past decade I have been blogging (not on THIS blog, of course :p), I have not had a paid ad in half a year, or more … so maybe effort needs to be retained and recalibrated, to be able to sustain a future I really hope to be having - which at this point, is simply “SURVIVAL”.

More on this when my thoughts are clearer, and I do to react to just “fear” and concern for my own well-being hahaha

So perhaps a “BestNine” work? The above is for my personal Instagram - which worries naught when it comes to “Likes”, while featured below is my TOYSREVIL-IG, which shows what folks liked to see, and as well the reality that a single picture struggles to go beyond 100 x Likes, so these are beyond the norm LOL

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