Sunday, December 11, 2016

missing month of november

...the last post was dated "Oct 27", and over a month has passed and November had but faded into obscurity, alas, and I'd leave the dates here empty and unfulfilled, hence ... and it might well be a harder effort to track back the instagrammed images, as I have a gnawing habit of not leaving dates - not because I chose to, but because I ALwAYS FORGET TO! True Story, bruh...

The truth of it all, and the existence of this personal blog, was to hold instagrammed snaps of my day(s), with "images" (and words in the captions), versus wordswordstypedwords (like THIS post lol), which I deal with every single day as I author my multiple blogs, but once in a while feel the need to yakkityyak / whine / vent / opine beyond my usual public blogs, so on and so forth ....

AND also a visual record of my life, as mundane and non-glamourous as it is, versus the lookgreat generation of faux public perception presented online for all and sundry! Hey, I'm not knocking it, as I do enjoy my escapades into the www as well, and wander thru everyone else's life, and smile at the purdy girls, and blingbling at the nice stuff, kaching-kaching echoing in interspace, ever oblivious to the reality outside my bedroom window.

So, yeah, over a month's worth of images shall remain at their IG-source - not that November had been a month of daily snaps, as I'd felt the strain of the year clawing at my ability to "share", because some tears are meant for myself, and not the general public who might not would not who am i kidding do not give a hoot.

The downfall of the www, are folks who think otherwise. Everyone is just flickering on each other's up or down stream ... isn't it all so glorious?

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