Sunday, December 25, 2016

Making Christmas on TOYSREVIL

I don’t HAVE to make a Christmas Greeting, I just WANT to, and it’s always FUN to dream up and conceptualize stuff like these, because they help my mind go beyond the everyday editorialising of the blog and personal tasks, and via a semblance of creativity, make something “new” happen.

The glitter globe wass made by my Brother from last year, while the shiny paper background was found thru dad’s old stuff mum was clearing earlier in the week. Snagged smaller sized toys that have been howling around my work desk, and the videos featured below were made.

Getting reacquainted with the iMovie, and am enjoying a new streak of FUN making lil’ slideshow movies again, so there’s that to keep my mind involved once more! Now to have them make me some goddamnedMONEY to survive, for pete’s sake! LOL

Happy Christmas from TOYSREVIL, everyone! :) Lego tree made by my Brother Benny!

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HAPPY CHRISTMAS & a HAPPY NEW YEAR ahead from TOYSREVIL to all friends and readers! :)

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