Sunday, December 25, 2016

Getting Healthier To Live

Another day another doctor's appointment :/ #henglife

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One of the four medical maladies which led to my Stroke back in 3rd quarter 2010, was/is DIABETES. And I have since been a diabetic, under medication and daily insulin injections since … and from the medical report today, seems I’ve screwed up my body further, with records from ‘7’ points up to ‘8’ now, and for folks who know diabetes, that a heck of a NO-NO, and as far as I am concerned, “HELL-NO”!

I blame no one but myself for becoming this state. DIET is useless alone, and I need to EXERCISE beyond abstaining from SUGAR.

So it’s BYE-BYE Hazelnut Coffee, and daily sit-ups and walks … and just the other day, I did something I’ve not done since my Stroke in 2010 … I JOGGED! Meaning, wicked my pace beyond my normal “power walking”, lift my fits instead of shuffling, and jogged!

Granted, it might have been a scant few meters, and I was excessively slow (as slow as I have been in my dreams, i sh*t you naught - i drag myself around in my dreams….), but hope, in time I’ll be able to pick up the pace, and maybe in the midst of it all, BE HEALTHIER.

Actually, I can’t WISH to do it… I HAVE to do it. Save your tough-love and hard-words for someone who it’ll work on. I don't want to say it or hear it, but just DO IT.

A Wake-up call AGAIN for the new year!

I cannot deny hazelnut flavoured coffee. That is all. #henglife

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