Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last Meals of 2016

These salad days, I measure my life's minorly pedantic "milestones" (celebratory or otherwise mass-public-association) by the meals I take, rather than what I buy / purchase in exchange for cashmoney. No further explanation beyond I'd be able to feed myself rather than treat myself to plastic trinkets - which I still adore, mind you hahaha.

But also a constant reminder of my declining health, taking into serious considerations "We Are What We Eat" ... and I need to be eating "healthier", of course alongside my current "exercising regime" - to not just loose this damn belly, but also, yet o get healthy ... well, as healthy as I can get lah :p

Braised Duck rice last lunch of 2016 #eatlife #henglife

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Home cooked last dinner of 2016! #henglife #eatlife

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