Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Wednesday October 13th, 2015

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This lump below my wrist is just one of the many rashes that has appeared on my body, limbs, neck, scalp and face, for the past few weeks, resulting from allergic reactions to the Haze (according to the doctor).

The rashes appear randomly and lasts thought the day, then subsides, with the next day rashes appearing at different spots. All itchy, all irritating the frak out of me. I'll wake up in the morning to find dry scabs from my obvious scratching in my sleep from the night before. And me on "Asprin" (blood-thinner) medication (on account of my post-Stroke requirement), worries me I'd bleed out while asleep (yes, it has happened before, waking up in mini-pools of wet blood).

Trying my best to not head out of the house tho ... But mail runs are horribly delayed, and I am not meeting folks and am literally confined indoors, I am slowly going insane perhaps … The medicine is not working all too well, it seems... All is not well, alas... Mail run later today tho :(

Yes, I am whining and bitching, because that is all I can do now. *scratch-scratch*

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So I went into the shop planning to get that Evangelion PVC statue I'd seen and wanted planned to get when my salary came in ... Then I hesitated thinking it'll be an expenditure I dare not risk this month ... So instead I took these two ReAction figures instead ... And realizing later both of them cost as much as that single EVA figure! The kicker is: I am still thinking about that EVA!!! AAARRRGGGHHHH I so suck at toy-math!

Essentially, when it comes to "toys", all manner of mathematical logic goes out the train window and flies downwind post-haste, as the carriage continues to chug forth...

Sadly, I realized back at home later (as I attempted to remove the "sale" tag and taking this picture) that the blister card had already been tampered with, so opening them is inevitable - so much for M.O.C.! ... *cue-T2-heavy-drum-beats* ... Welcome to my #toylife, people! *continues-T2-drum-beats*

AND of course the "sale" tag is harder to remove than I had imagined … *T2-heavy-drum-beats-echo-into-distnt-silence*

Yes, most times my bed doubles up as a storage platform. #henglife

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