Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday October 8, 2015

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#throwbackthursday I can't remember exactly how old this is ... Possibly mid-2000s when I was still knee deep in the media industry, at that point freelancing full time maybe? I was still using yahoo-mail and Multiply too!

Keeping costs down I'd self-print name cards, and have been for many years prior (I actually have different sheets thru the years all over the place, maybe I should collect them in one spot haha) ... The need to "keep costs down" has stayed with me thru the years actually, and I've often imagined if I had the courage to do otherwise, and just "go for it" instead, you know? But sometimes "practicality" and "reality" keeps one's dreams at bay ... I used to think I was a "reamer" too, but seems it might have all been in my mind only ...?

These days pending a bust printer at home, I get my name cards printed commercially instead haha

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I normally would not wish ill upon anybody else's businesses or work, but the persistent itchy rashes on my body i have been experiencing for the past few weeks; in allegic reaction to the haze situation in Singapore (I have medical proof), demands APP to set things right! Not cool ... not cool at all! :( #HazeAPP

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Having a really late breakfast becoz i was geeking over toys seen at Taipei Toy Festival 2015 ... Every year it's the same ... Every year I tell myself, "Chill. Just blog about the toys you cannot afford, don't get too excited over the toys you cannot get!" ... And every year I fail, and get wholly distracted, pouring over images found online, whatever convention / event it may be ... Every. Single. Year.

And I never get any friends or folks to mule for me, sadly because I never have a steadfast grasp on my financial status, truth be told, as I would never know when I had the financial ability or not, and I don't want to put anyone out because of my possible lack of ability ...

So I scour the www, touch the laptop screens at images o yummy toys, and shed silent mantears, and maybe once in a while make an open plea into cyberspace and see if anyone'll do me a favour ...

Now, THIS is a tragic #toylife to lead, man! Maybe one day I'll wake the hell up and stop all this nonsense.

And even then I cannot really choose what spread I put on my bread slices as I have diabetes! Maaaan I miss Nutella hahahahahaha ... aah, we live with what we have, and be damned thankful, yah? LOL

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