Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thursday October 15, 2015

Woke up way too early this Thursday, making a mistake of getting my brains'a'working by reading something (my mobile updates LOL) before heading back o bed after a whizz, hence spending an extraordinarily long time attempting to go back to sleep, instead waking up to take a picture of the above toys (in relation to my Inktober sketches posted the night before). Welcome to my world!

For the past couple of weeks the windows to the TOYSREVIL HQ (aka "my bedroom") has mostly been closed up, due to the haze ... But today the skies look slightly better, and I am tired of breathing stale air (times like this I wish I had air conditioning) and am probably experiencing a bit of cabin fever ... so the plan was simple: Head out for lunch, pay (mobile phone) bills, and buy stationary (tired of pens drying out…).

Mission completed without incident. Downed a Samurai burger at McDees (couldn't resist teriyaki sauce *pats-belly*) and scored me some stationary at the neighborhood book/photostat/toys shop, and I found myself as "excited" as I would be buying "toys" too … seems I have to find a way to balance my passion for both collecting toys and sketchery now, with whatever gives me the most "joy" taking precedence, of course.

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Ended the day with a pensive notion, of desiring to blog more than I do now on my daily venues, a strong need to "archive" the past, my past, a past I still choose to live in … perhaps trying to grasp at the sense of all that has happened? Or finding out what led to the "now", especially with my life-plans being "disrupted" by Stroke, a "future" that does not look as clear as it might have had before Stroke? I cannot remember, maybe that's why I am still searching…? The irony being, I am surrounded by my "past", with most things pre-Stroke, as I struggle to "buy more" of the now, to push me to the future?

Too many "questions" need answering, no doubt … and I would rather go forward with what I have passion doing, to find a future I would enjoy and embrace, rather than look for answers from a past that should remain a memory, but for a constant ghost that haunts my mind… But then again, I do enjoy blogging and recollecting about my past too, I admit hahahaha


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