Friday, October 16, 2015

Running Routines (Friday October 16 Edition)

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Ever since Stroke, I've oft try to keep to a "routine" - as simple as "Fridays are for Movies", "Saturdays for TV series" and "Sunday's are for Anime"… "Simple" times "Pleasures", ya know? Especially after a hard working week, of course ... the only other "routine" I have embraced, is eating my medications regularly.

The notion of "routine" was a very loose concept in my mind pre-Stroke, ever excited to see what surprises are around the corner - although I can hardly claim I was "Mr Spontaneity" (my ex's might attest to that :p), even tho Fridays or weekends were "movie nights" hahaha … come to think of it, maybe I have been trapped in routines all y life, I just chess not to acknowledge them?

Regardless, "friday movie nights" remain with me still, even up till now!

And with the demise of my DVD player on my lappie, means tons of DVD movies in my personal hoard get left on the shelf gathering haze-dust, while I trawl the internets for free flicks ... sometimes I am rewarded, and sometimes, well ... #watching #Minions tonight ... :)


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