Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday October 17, 2015

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Spent a surprisingly enjoyable and (relatively) stress free Saturday afternoon doing up graphics and pseudo-image branding for most of my blogs ... I enjoy doing stuff like that, even tho I doubt folks would recognize it hahaha but I enjoy myself, so that is always a plus :)

Managed to churn out a few new images for a select few prime blogsites, and I take a certain sense of PRIDE in doing that. The notion of creating something, and building it up, is quite the welcomed challenge, indeed! If only I was "paid" to do that as a "job" hahaha

And after being entertained by folks like The Cure and Lloyd Cole & The Commotions, my tasks end and I spent a turbulent late afternoon sleep, dreaming of a group of ladies sneaking into my backyard swimming pool for a splash, while I instead chose to tinker with my laptop instead of joining them? Woke up confused by myself, I was hahahahahaha


#henglife #TOYSREVILBlogs #bloglife #iNotOtaku ... #geekout with me on :)

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