Sunday, October 11, 2015

change Change CHANGE

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Woke up on a silent Sunday late-morning to the results of the designer toy awards online - congratulations to all the winners - and am having an egg, a toast and a cuppa, while mum practices her painting with inks ... Guess you can say I am starting a Sunday morning with a "new perspective". I am one of those old fogeys who have come to realize that I don't like "change"... But change is brought about by either circumstance you cannot control, or within you that you yourselves have no choice but to take control … regardless of either, change is inevitable, and I have to learn to embrace it. Be it one egg instead of two, or even one slice instead of two hahaha - "change" is good for the soul to survive, to last a longer time, perhaps?

Time for a CHANGE.
Andy #henglife