Friday, October 9, 2015

The Faux Comfort of Meds

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The overwhelming comfort of having a fully stocked medical supply, is discomforting.

And while I have come to acknowledge the feeling of "safe comfort" of pills since my Stroke in 2010, I have never fully embraced it. My time-life revolves around these pills. My eating schedules and hence leaving the house and meeting people revolves around my meds-intake times.

My phone line can be cut if bills are not paid... The internet might decide to dislike me and lag perpetually ... And still, life might go on ... But once my supply runs dry? The feeling of discomfort and fear, is very real ... And I abhor that.

But reality is reality, and whatever dreams I may and still have, I am still a bitch to my meds. The pity-wagon may have already left the station a long time ago, but really, I find myself still standing at the platform, waiting to board the train that takes me for a go around and back to the station every time hahahaha

It is easy to go "FML", but I don't, I still have to "live" it, however the way I can.

#GLORIOUSLEADER asks "Are these candy?" - I wish :p.

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